4 Hour Fire Test of Milepost Containment System

Thank you to our stake-holders and engineers for participating in the Fire Testing of the Milepost Containment System.

  • The test was done in a 2.7m x 1.5m x 0.914m high x 0.075m thick concrete containment system, complete with liner embedded in the concrete wall and 2 pipe penetrations, through the wall.

  • 6” of granular material was placed in the bottom of the system.

  • The test used diesel fuel and was sanctioned by the Alberta Government.


Assessment included effectiveness of the following:

  • Different types of caulking in dike joints.

  • Different types of gaskets.

  • 2 pipe penetrations through the wall.

  • Two methods to protect the pipe boots seals on those penetrations.

  • Would the liner embedded into the concrete melt below the 6 inches of granular material?

  • Would the mechanical liner attachment (neoprene gasket, caulking and liner) be affected by the fire with 1 inch of granular material cover?

  • What damage would there be to a 0.075m thick concrete wall.

  • Temperature exposure on the inside and outside of the containment system.


The temperatures were monitered throughout the 4 hour fire test. Documentated results are available to our clients. Please contact Kelly at 780-499-2389 or kelly@milepost.ca or Stan 780-499-5970 at  stan@milepost.ca.