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Fire & Hydro Testing 

Thank you to all stakeholders and engineers for participating in the fire and hydro testing of the Milepost Containment System. All safety regulations were upheld and sanctioned by the Alberta Government. 



Tests were conducted to assess the effectiveness in the following areas:

●Types of caulking in dike joints                                                                                   ●Would the neoprene gasket, caulking & liner be affected by fire with 1" of granular material cover?

●Different types of gaskets                                                                                            ●Severity of damage to a 0.075m thick concrete wall

●Pipe penetrations through the wall                                                                            ●Temperature exposure inside and outside of containment system

●Methods to protect pipe boot seals                                                                           ●Leak detection & prevention
●Would the liner melt beneath the 6" of granular material?                                   ●Frost jacking from rising & falling temperatures  

Temperatures were monitored throughout 4 hour fire test. All tested results are available upon request. 

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