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Engineered & Manufactured To Last.

Steel Buildings

From small sheds & pump stations to large commercial buildings and shops, Milepost can design, manufacture and build your complete steel structures. From the ground up, Milepost can construct the concrete foundation, and all structural elements of your building.
All steel products are skillfully cut and welded, and go through a rigorous quality check to ensure the building is assembled to meet all industry standards.

Contact the head office and allow Milepost to answer any design, installation or economical questions you may have.


Milepost has been part of many bridge projects in the Edmonton area, large and small. Bridges spanning highways, rivers and ponds have been provided, as well as bridge framing, shoring, guardrails and handrails.
After the bridge elements have been manufactured, they are assembled in-house to guarantee the structure fits before arriving to site. Allow our dedicated team to be part of your next bridge project.

Stairs & Catwalks

Milepost is an expert at producing all accessibility structures thanks to the company's background in the energy industry. Stairs, ladders, catwalks, handrails and mechanical trays are carefully fabricated in the shop by our computerized equipment and skilled workers. They are typically then galvanized or painted to prevent corrosion and assembled in-house to ensure a proper fit. The products are easy to ship and assemble by our certified install team.
Contact the steel department at Milepost for all the accessibility structures you need. 


Custom Steel Products

Milepost has all the necessary equipment and personnel to make a wide variety of steel products. Custom supports, ramps, brackets, plates and more can be manufactured to meet your unique set of project specifications. 

Let us know what type of job you're trying to complete, or submit a design, and Milepost will come up with an innovative and economic solution. 

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