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Durable, Year-round Concrete Solutions.

Milepost's precast products offer many advantages over their cast in place counterparts. All products are poured and cured in the concrete plant, which means production timing and quality are always consistent. The precast elements can be quickly installed regardless of weather conditions, and thanks to the on-site steel fabrication shop the moulds can take any shape necessary. Explore Milepost's precast products below.


Grade beams, footings and large slabs are common foundation elements that can be made using precast concrete. This allows for a much faster installation time, rain, snow or shine, and allows for your project to quickly move onto the next stage of construction.

These precast products are great for building foundations (large or small), tank pads and much more. Allow Milepost to save you time and money by using a precast foundation for your next construction project. 

Blast & Retaining Walls

The precast concrete walls are typically 4ft to 20ft (1.2m - 6m) long/tall, and reinforced depending on the intended use. The blast walls are inherently fireproof and can withstand large explosions thanks to the steel encasing the concrete, and the bolted and welded connections.
The retaining walls are great for industrial or residential use. The walls and blocks provide solid support for backfill or sloped terrain, and can take a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Different finishes are also available.

Sidewalk Slabs

Milepost's sidewalk slabs and patio stones are perfect for any residential, city or commercial project. They provide a clean and level walking surface, and can have a variety of finishes depending on the traction and look desired. The most common are steel form finished (industrial diamond pattern), broom, or exposed stone/aggregate. 
The slabs are typically 4 inches thick, with high-tensile steel mesh and 30MPa concrete.

And like other precast products, they are easy to transport and install. Let Milepost provide you with a practical sidewalk solution. 

Custom Precast Products

Milepost has all the necessary equipment and personnel to make a wide variety of precast products: fire-resistant and waterproof enclosers, custom walls and slabs. 

The design teams can draw up solutions for all types of projects, and the qualified shop and installation teams can turn the designs into reality. Contact the office for any of your precast concrete inquiries. 

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